How to apply?

GreenTigerWriters is a group which not only offers its writing services to companies but also we encourage young talent to come up and work with our writing group. After spending many years on our writing skills as well as on our marketing policies, we致e gained a respectable position in the writing industry.

In order to join and apply for working in our writing group, you値l need to follow the following steps.

Step # 1: Send your resume

Send us your latest resume to as an attachment.

Step # 2: Our Test

If you値l meet our recruitment criteria, then you値l be given some written assignments or test which you値l have to write within the given time frame. We値l attach the required details with our email.

Step # 3: Interview

Finally to join our writing team, you値l have to clear our interview process. This is could be telephonic or direct meeting interview depending on your location. The moment you pass all these tests, we値l welcome you to our GreenTigerWriters team.

For any questions related to our process, please visit our FAQs page. If you don稚 find an answer to your question, you池e always given a facility to ask your own question on our platform


Q: Is it legal to provide services like you do?
Yes. We offer our writing services to companies on contract basis. We write plagiarism-free, copy righted content for companies.