Q: If I get hired, what work I'd be doing?

Your job will be based upon your expertise in terms of your writing category. But in general, you'll be researching and writing term-papers, essays, dissertations, thesis and book reports as per our group project.

Q: What is your payment structure?

Since we work on contract basis, you'll be getting a percentage from our total income. This percentage will be based upon your experience and skills.

Q: Will I get proper training from your side?

Sure. That's why we work as a group to ensure that all of the members share their knowledge and experience with each other. You'll definitely be getting invaluable help from our veterans so that your writing skills meet the industry standards.

Q: Is it legal to provide services like you do?

Yes. We offer our writing services to companies on contract basis. We write plagiarism-free, copy righted content for companies.

Q: What is the procedure for hiring your writing group?

It works like this: