About Us

Who We Are

Green Tiger Writers is a group of 15 talented writers. It all started when we were in high school. Back then there was some group-based writing competition in which some of our team members had participated just to have a look at our competing abilities and skills in front of other writers. Luckily we won that competition and after that we never looked back.

After several years of initiated writing idea, we have managed to include some other enthusiastic writers in our team. We started working as a freelance writing group and got hired by many companies on contract basis. We really enjoy working together and sharing our writing creativity with our group members as well as with our online or offline readers.

What We Do

Here, at GreenTigerWriters.info, we write all kinds of term-papers, essays, dissertations, thesis and book reports. For the purpose of writing all these papers, we've divided our work load with our group members. This makes our writing skills more focused on only a limited portion of writing which gives the right kind of ideas to write term-papers, essays etc.


We've spent a lot of time and money to build an online writing system as well. Using this facility, freelance writers can join our team and can work with us. To maintain our writing standards, we're very choosy about our team writers' selection. We wish you all the best for you writing career.

Why us

- We work in a group, which means more creative minds and hence more creative work you get.

Our team has employed young talent as well to be able to write our content from an entirely new and fresh perspective

Why choose us


Q: Will I get proper training from your side?

Sure. That's why we work as a group to ensure that all of the members share their knowledge and experience with each other. You'll definitely be getting invaluable help from our veterans so that your writing skills meet the industry standards.